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Practice Areas


Mediation and Arbitration

At the Law Office of Eric Taussig, we have a comprehensive understanding of the complexities that mediation and arbitration entail. Mediation is often an effective alternative to costly litigation and we are experienced at negotiating for our clients to ensure the best outcome and to limit the threat of impending litigation.

Arbitration is an out of court means of dispute resolution. Eric Taussig is certified as an arbitrator by the American Arbitration (AAA) and has both been a member as well as has chaired both Alternative Dispute Resolution and Privacy committees at the AAA and Center for Public Resources (CPR).

Labor and Employment Law

We represent clients on all matters relating to labor and employment law for management. We seek to come up with balanced and logical solutions to our clients’ labor and employment law needs, coming up with the best outcome for our clients. We address each client’s unique and fact-specific issues to minimize their litigation risks.

Our Labor and Employment practice includes:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Severance negotiation
  • Sexual harassment
  • Retirement compensation
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Employment contracts
  • Defamation and privacy violations
  • Federal and state labor and employment litigation
  • Workplace policies and procedures

Municipal & Zoning

Municipal and zoning laws and regulations have the potential to be complex. Add to that each municipality has its own laws and regulations concerning planning and zoning that must be in compliance of state law. Being familiar with New Hampshire municipalities and having working relationships with municipal officials is essential to successfully representing clients in municipal and zoning matters. Eric has served both as a member of the Moultonborough Planning Board and Conservation Commission.

Privacy Law

With the constant evolution of technology that we as a society rely on for communication, commerce, healthcare and employment – it is reassuring to know that we at the Law Office of Eric Taussig are staying abreast on the latest developments in privacy law to ensure that organizations collecting personal data about individuals such as the government and other public as well as private organizations comply with privacy laws and regulations. Eric has included privacy law as part of his practice for many years and is an expert on EU Privacy Law, Data Transmission and Privacy Law relating to employment matters.

Governmental Executive Authority and Privacy in the COVID Era

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